ISQ Online Symposia

We produced supplemental content for International Studies Quarterly in the form of online symposia. We used to do this at a site hosted by the International Studies Association, which owns the journal.

About a year ago, ISA discontinued support for the site in anticipation of transitioning to a “common portal” at Oxford University Press. So we are hosting our symposia at ISQ‘s Dataverse page. We then publicize them via Twitter, Facebook, and OUP.

However, downloading symposium from Dataverse is a bit cumbersome, as it requires a multi-stage process. So I’ve decided to also host them here. I’ll mirror new symposia at a dedicated page and, eventually, fill in the back catalog. I just uploaded up our new symposium, put together by Abe Newman, on Henry Farrell’s and John Quiggin’s account of the rise and fall of Keynesian responses to the Great Recession of 2008.

Abe secured a great group of contributors, so you should check it out.